People have told us that maintaining a sandstone Grade 1 listed building on the North East coast seafront is like 'painting the Forth Road Bridge'. Our records show a constant need for appeals and more recently for grant aid to support restoration work.

Your financial support however small or large is generously received by The Friends, a registered charity where 100% of donations is given to supporting the fabric of the building.

Since the Friends was formed in 2004 we have given over £80,000 for restoration projects but more significantly we have worked hard to seek grant aid for combined building work of nearly half a million pounds.

Here is an illustration of recent projects:

2007: Removal and restoration of stone, leading and glass on the North Transept windows – Cost about £70,000.

external scaffolding on the North Transept windows
internal scaffolding on the North Transept windows

2009: A huge task to re-roof the building due to decaying timbers and nail rot in the roof. This was linked to the 125th anniversary of the church and community fundraising was very successful. The majority of the original slates still held good but some new slates were added. The Friends Committee took the lead on this project costing over £250,000. Work commenced 2010 completed 2011.

external view of the church showing scaffolding and work in progress to repair the roof


2013: Stonework from the Tower louvres fell through the new church roof but fortunately did not breach the stone vaulting. Initial tower examination cost £2,000.

sepia pic showing how stonework from the Tower louvres fell onto the new church roof
damage on the new church roof from when it was hit by falling stonework from the Tower louvres

2013: Re-wiring of vestry cost £2,348.

2013: Lady Chapel windows overhauled cost £21,000

2014: Installation of infill screens to South Porch cost £24,458.

2014: Overhaul of lifting gear for Font cover cost £1,950.

2016: Re-wire of Baptistry cost £1,776.

2018: Repair to Vestry roof cost £2,316

2018: Clerestory Window and Stonework repairs cost £4,875

2018: Remedial repairs to the great west windows in the knowledge that full glass and stonework repairs will be a major task for the future.

two men atop cherry pickers carrying out remedial repairs to the great west windows

2020: Apse South stonework repairs cost £5,604

2020: repair South Chancel windows and stonework cost £5,928

2021: repairs to Central Heating cost £3,118

2022: Repairs to the apse windows involving stonework, replacement of Victorian stained glass and window protection cost  £7,797

scaffolding around apse windows

We appreciate any donations towards restoration costs.